I first become fascinated with rock poster art back in the early ­ seventies, whilst working for Time Out magazine, OZ magazine and that fab music compendium Zig Zag.

Whilst on holiday from the music monthly, I found myself at a party in San Francisco being hosted by a toothless Wavy Gravy, who introduced me to Bill Graham. Bill was a great fan of Zig Zag’s (the magazine not the rolling papers). When I mentioned I loved the Fillmore poster artwork, he invited me over to visit his Winterland Productions office to view all the posters housed in the warehouse. I was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t stop myself spending like there was no tomorrow!

Ben Friedman
Ben Friedman

Around the same time I was introduced to another SF character called Ben Friedman who owned a head shop come poster emporium on Columbus. Visiting his shop to browse & purchase posters from Chet Helms Family Dog, Ben commandeered me to look after the shop whilst he went missing. I couldn’t believe in his total faith & trust in this limey he had only just met. What is available within this site are what’s left of those posters, kept in a dry safe storage room in the basement of the flat I owned for some forty years; quite a few are framed in Nielsen frames.

Apart from the limited Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium posters, I also own various miscellaneous posters by artist or bands that caught my eye over the interim years.

All posters are sourced from reputable sources, highly collectable, ­ kept in mint condition and now available to purchase.

ZigZag was purchased in July 1988 from Northern & Shell (who had amalgamated it with music equipment title “one two testing”) by Jim Maguire, who had been business manager of ZigZag in the 1970s, persuaded Richard Desmond (Northern & Shell) to sell him the title. Jim Maguire thought he had a sound publishing deal with EMAP. But EMAP closed ZigZag after just one issue (May 1990) and then produced Mojo, a new rock monthly, some months later.

Jim Maguire
Proprietor of ZigZag Magazine